"Victor Manuel Juarez is a young artist in search for his own style..." That is what the art critics say about Maneno, but he says he is neither young nor looking for a new style. He believe to be one with his ancestors that have being making pottery for thousands of years. LLINQA RIMACHIQ "The one that make the clay speak" that is what they used to called him.

His work reflects the waves, the wind, the mountains and the melted snow. His style is the same used by old communities of Simbala, Chulucanas and Vicus.

Chulucanas, a small town north of Peru, is the home of Maneno. He was born, raise and still living in this town. In this town of artisans, Maneno decided to be a ceramist at the age of thirteen. He learned from his uncle Polo Ramirez, a great ceramist.

Maneno has represented Chulucanas all over the world in many occasions. Here are some of his expositions around the world: Expositions