These paintings are from Krika. She is a young artist from Piura, Peru.

The paintings are oils paintings and do not have frame.

KRIK-001 (Size 11x11cm) Price $24.00

KRIK-002 (Size 11x11cm) Price $24.00 KRIK-003 (Size 11x11cm) Price $24.00 KRIK-004 (Size 11x11cm) Price $24.00
KRIK-005 (Size 11x11cm) Price $24.00 KRIK-006 (Size 11x11cm) Price $24.00 KRIK-007 (Size 11x11cm) Price $24.00 KRIK-008 (Size 11x11cm) Price $24.00
KRIK-009 (Size 11x11cm) Price $24.00 KRIK-010 (Size 11x11cm) Price $24.00 KRIK-011 (Size 15x15cm) Price $45.00 KRIK-012 (Size 15x15cm) Price $45.00
KRIK-013 (Size 15x15cm) Price $45.00 KRIK-014 (Size 15x15cm) Price $45.00 KRIK-015 (Size 15x15cm) Price $45.00 KRIK-016 (Size 15x15cm) Price $45.00
KRIK-017 (Size 15x15cm) Price $45.00 KRIK-018 (Size 15x15cm) Price $45.00 KRIK-019 (Size 15x15cm) Price $45.00 KRIK-020 (Size 15x15cm) Price $45.00
KRIK-021 (Size 20x20cm) Price $50.00 KRIK-022 (Size 20x20cm) Price $50.00 KRIK-023 (Size 20x20cm) Price $50.00 KRIK-024 (Size 20x20cm) Price $50.00
KRIK-025 (Size 20x20cm) Price $50.00 KRIK-026 (Size 20x20cm) Price $50.00 KRIK-027 (Size 40x36cm) Price $100.00 KRIK-028 (Size 40x36cm) Price $100.00
KRIK-029 (Size 40x36cm) Price $100.00